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We are currently looking for a dynamic individual who is

- Experienced working with middle school and high school youth

- Passionate about youth development

- Dedicated to the mission of Seven Tepees Youth Program

- Able to build rapport with youth, staff and volunteers

- Willing to wear many hats and have many responsibilities

- Detail oriented and able to multi-task

- Positive attitude and team player.

- Professional and punctual

- Enjoys working on a diverse team

- Committed to doing what it takes to get the job done

Job skills requirements
  • A minimum of two years experience working with youth ages 11-17
  • Minimum high school diploma and/or one year of college (preferred)
  • Ability to effectively manage student behavior
  • Skills in leadership development and experience in leading sports and games.
Job responsibilities

- Support with the planning and execution of middle school summer program

- Leading or supporting academic classes

- Support city exploration outings as needed

- Lead service learning projects with the support of other staff

- Leading debriefs before and after each project or activity as needed

- Preparation of snack for each group going on service projects or day trips

- Maintain and enter data onto Google Drive

- Maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all youth

- Ensure program rules are being followed

- Participate in weekly staff meetings

- Supporting on all major service learning projects, leading youth by example

- Documenting projects through pictures and film

- Actively participate in all projects and games

- Help with the overall maintenance of the Learning Center.

- Support with the summer sports camp

- Help promote events and program through flyers, phone calls or other mediums.

- Support with the End of Summer Celebration on July 12, 2016

- Help support with planning and attend Annual Summer Camping Trip, July 18-22, 2017

- Have a fun and positive attitude.